Design is Driven by Opinion and Designs are Implemented without User Testing

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Level 1 of 5: Absent

This score signifies that design as a process doesn’t exist at your company yet. No user research is being conducted either to understand your users’ evolving pain points and unmet needs or to evaluate the quality of designs through your users’ eyes prior to development.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s lacking right now:

1. User experience is not a priority:
The quality of the user experience of your website, product, or app is poor and a large amount of rework post-development is required. New features are deemed more important than addressing existing design issues and as nothing in your process improves, the user experience inevitably declines in quality over time.

2. Opinions are trumping analysis:
You may or may not have design resources available on your team, but if you do, they are designing based on internal direction which comes from personal opinion and best guesses rather than user research.

3. Solutions aren’t tested:
Testing is not part of your team’s culture. The rush to deliver new features outweighs the need to validate new designs with users. Your team delivers what amounts to an untested prototype while hoping your users will be delighted.

4. Teams lack clear direction:
The details of new features may not be very well documented for your development team such that they are having to make design decisions for themselves.

5: You’re not measuring results:
You have no way of measuring the quality of the user experience and no way to demonstrate progress or the need for investment in design to your leadership team.

What’s needed?
First, obtain a clear understanding of the UX quality of your product—not with opinion, but with data. Without this baseline data, it will be very difficult to prove improvements in design over time. Next, gaining a better understanding of your users’ unmet needs through user research will enable you to design more effective and useful features. Lastly, rapidly prototyping and testing new designs will allow you to iterate and improve upon them before you invest time in development.


How to Level Up

Establish Measurement Standards

A critical aspect of design is to baseline the quality of the current experience and establish metrics for new designs based on the desired business outcomes. Without metrics with which to demonstrate UX quality, it will forever remain a matter of opinion.

Baseline and Measure

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Demonstrate the quality of the user experience with data rather than relying on the potentially conflicting opinions of stakeholders.

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Gain Empathy for Your Users

It may be difficult to obtain design resources without data that demonstrate the ROI of design. Consider outsourcing UX services to obtain the proof you need to justify continued investment in design.

It’s easy for industry experts to assume they know who their users are and what they want. But what they want may not be what they need.

Research and Testing

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Don’t waste development time and money building something no one wants. Know you’re creating something people want before you start building it.

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Better Design Based on UX Standards

You likely lack the resources you need to make a real impact in the quality of design.

Expand your capabilities on-demand by outsourcing information architecture and interaction design services. Quickly gain design capabilities without adding people to the payroll.

Structure and Design

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Simplify navigation, optimize user flows, and create a consistent user experience making it easy to learn and remember how to use your site, product, or application.

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