Research and Testing Are Driving Design but Scaling Design Is Proving to Be Difficult.

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Your team has made efforts to identify your users’ unmet needs and is designing based on this understanding. Designs are tested and iterated upon through user testing prior to development, which is saving your team time and money and reducing rework. However, as the benefits become increasingly obvious, the demand increases, and your team may not be growing to meet the need.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s lacking right now:

Design resources are limited:
Your design resources are strapped. They don’t have the bandwidth to get in front of every new feature in the roadmap either from a research or design perspective. They simply can’t keep pace and have yet to find a way to effectively align the short-term needs of their development teams with the long-term needs of product strategy.

A two-track approach is needed wherein longer-term initiatives are addressed on a separate project timeline from the development team cadence. But you lack the resources to effectively implement such an approach.

What’s needed?
You need more research and design resources that can be applied on-demand at critical points in the process and for new key features. In this way, without adding resources to the payroll, you can quickly augment your team with the additional resources your website, product, or app requires.


How to Level Up

Gain Empathy for Your Users

It may be difficult to obtain design resources without data that demonstrates the ROI the Design. Consider outsourcing UX services to obtain the proof you need to justify continued investment in design.

It’s easy for industry experts to assume they know who their users are and what they want. But what they want may not be what they need.

Research and Testing

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Don’t waste development time and money building something no one wants. Know you’re creating something people want before you start building it.

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Better Design Based on UX Standards

It’s common for growing design teams to have more work than they can handle. Committing to putting more resources on the books isn’t always possible.

Expand your capabilities with information architecture and interaction design services on-demand as you need them to augment your team’s capabilities.

Structure and Design

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Simplify navigation, optimize user flows, and create a consistent user experience  making it easy to learn and remember how to use your site, product or application.

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