Design Is Reactive and Doesn’t Anticipate User Needs. The ROI of Design Has Not Yet Been Demonstrated to the Leadership Team.

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Level 2 of 5: Reactive

Your team has conducted some amount of user research and has attempted to address your users’ needs through design, but usually in reaction to negative feedback and existing design flaws. You are finding it challenging to “get in front” of development or to demonstrate the ROI of research and design.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s lacking right now:

Limited resources:
You may be struggling to align research and design to an agile engineering process. Or you may not have the resources you need to cover the amount of research and design required to make a larger impact. You likely have to make some tough choices about when to make research and design investments.

Leadership isn’t bought-In:
It has been a challenge to demonstrate the value of design and to gain commitment to continued investment from your leadership team. You lack the metrics to demonstrate improvements in the user experience and struggle to demonstrate the ROI of design to your leadership team as a result.

What’s needed?
Outsourcing research and design services is a cost-effective way to augment your capabilities. You also need to establish the current quality of the user experience using data, not opinion. Periodic evaluation of these metrics can then inform where and when to invest more deeply in iterative research, design, and testing while helping to demonstrate the true value of design to your leadership team.


How to Level Up

Establish Measurement Standards

A critical aspect of design is to baseline the quality of the current experience and establish metrics for new designs based on the desired business outcomes. Without metrics with which to demonstrate UX quality, it will forever remain a matter of opinion.

Baseline and Measure

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Demonstrate the quality of the user experience with data rather than relying on the potentially conflicting opinions of stakeholders.

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Gain Empathy for Your Users

It may be difficult to obtain design resources without data that demonstrates the ROI of design. Consider outsourcing UX services to obtain the proof you need to justify continued investment in design.

It’s easy for industry experts to assume they know who their users are and what they want. But what they want may not be what they need.

Research and Testing

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Don’t waste development time and money building something no one wants. Know you’re creating something people want before you start building it.

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Better Design Based on UX Standards

You likely lack the resources you need to make a real impact in the quality of design.

Expand your capabilities on-demand by outsourcing information architecture and interaction design services. Quickly gain design capabilities without adding people to the payroll.

Structure and Design

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Simplify navigation, optimize user flows, and create a consistent user experience  making it easy to learn and remember how to use your site, product or application.

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