Design Is Experimental, Iterative, and Broadly Applied Yet Still Limited to the User Interface

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Level 4 of 5: Scientific

Your organization clearly recognizes the value of design to the quality of the user experience and customer satisfaction. You conduct both generative and evaluative research consistently and sufficiently to ensure you are building out features your customers want in a way that is easy for them to use. Everyone sees the value of an experimental approach in this domain, but applying design thinking methodologies in other contexts could be making a much larger impact.

Here’s what you’re doing well:
Your team has likely figured out how to implement a multi-track approach that allows for longer research and design cycles to determine the best approach to new features while still supporting the developers in each and every sprint with detailed design direction. Your design process is repeatable, scalable, and integrated.

Here’s what you can still improve:
Although user experience and customer satisfaction have benefitted greatly from the investment in design, there are opportunities for design thinking methodologies to positively impact your business at more strategic levels.

In order to become design-driven at every level, members of the senior team need to be involved directly in the process. You may have a champion for design on your senior team, but leaders change. It’s important that the leadership team as a whole understands directly the value of a continued investment in research and design.


How To Level Up

In order for design to become essential to business strategy, design thinking methods need to be applied broadly. More teams need to become educated in the benefits of design thinking methods so that the larger organization can reap its benefits.

Design Sprints


Design sprints rapidly accelerate your team’s ability to deliver while creating an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation you have likely not experienced before. Your team will be led through a series of moderated exercises designed to clearly frame the challenge, rapidly generate the best solutions ideas, create a prototype and test with five real users — all in five days.

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Find Your Market Fit With Value Proposition Sessions


A Value Proposition Session enables your team to deeply understand its current market fit while identifying opportunities to adapt its products and services to address unmet customer needs. It provides a clear picture of the value you create for your users and your current market fit. It enables organizations to identify opportunities for product or service refinement as well as informing their marketing communications strategy.

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Design Thinking Immersive Training for Teams


Learn how to practice design thinking for yourself in this two-day immersive workshop where our facilitators will lead you and your team through problem framing, ideation, and decision-making — the core skills needed for any team to adopt a decision thinking mentality and succeed at design-driven development.

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