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Not everyone has the UX resources in-house to dramatically change the way teams explore and test new solution ideas. Augment your team’s capabilities on-demand with UX and Design Thinking Services from eCity to rapidly experiment with new ideas and validate design direction with real users — before investing in development.

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Expand Your Capabilities On-Demand

Baseline and Measure

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Drive design by data, not best guesses. Know where you stand through expert UX analysis combined with the H.E.A.R.T. framework — a proven method of assessing and measuring the quality of the user experience over time. Don’t let the quality of the user experience be a matter of opinion.

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Research and Testing

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It’s easy for experts to assume they know who their users are and what they want. But what they want may not be what they need.

Gain insights into your users’ evolving needs and goals through user surveys and expert interviewing methods. Know how new designs will perform with moderated usability test sessions before you invest in development.

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Structure and Design

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An attractive visual design can’t compensate for poor content structure or overly complicated workflow.

Expert design services from eCity can be applied on-demand as the need arises making big impacts without a big investment in resources.

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Design Thinking Services for Teams

Design Sprints: Solve Your Biggest Problems in Just Five Days


For bigger challenges like MVP releases of new offerings or critical new features when the stakes are high and time is short, consider a design sprint. In just one week you’ll generate your best solution ideas and test them with real users — all while fostering a spirit of innnovation and collaboration. (And yes, they work great with remote teams!)

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Two-Day Design Thinking Immersive Training for Teams


For teams who want to reap the benefits of design thinking and encorporate best practices into their product design, our design thinking immersive training transfers the skills your team needs to conduct iterative design and testing of new features without investing heavily in development upfront. Available in person or online.

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Gain a Better Understanding of Your Product/Market Fit With Value Proposition Sessions


Deeply understand your current market fit while identifying opportunities to adapt your product to address unmet user needs. You’ll identify opportunities for product refinement as well as improving the effectiveness of your marketing communications strategy. The sessions can be conducted in-person or online.

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