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Design is far more than just pixels on a page for your organization. You employ Design Thinking methods every day and in any meeting where solutions to creative problems need to be found.

Here’s what you’re doing right:

  • Team members represent diverse disciplines including product management, development, and design all working together in partnership, each recognizing the other disciplines as essential in their ability to do their best work.
  • Decisions are no longer opinion-based. Your team applies constraints to your design processes that eliminate the human biases that can grind productivity to a halt.
  • Your team is aligned. Everyone participates as ideas are generated and decisions are made promoting a shared understanding and buy-in.
  • You have methods for evaluating the UX quality of your products and that data is made available to all.
  • You test new features through rapid prototyping and user testing and never deliver design direction to development unless the design has been tested.
  • You have a long list of customers who consider themselves to be in partnership with you as they directly contribute to the product design direction and roadmap through participation in user research.
  • You are among the relatively few companies to have placed design at the center of your business. This gives your business a clear advantage over competitors who still approach their work through more traditional means.

How to keep going:
Your design thinking process is very mature, but how can you maintain this culture as your business grows? How can you introduce new employees to the process?


How to Maintain a Design-Driven Culture

In order to maintain a design-driven culture, it is important to introduce new employees to design thinking methodologies. It can take time for those unfamiliar with the process to change the way they are used to thinking and working.

Design Thinking Immersive Training for Teams


Learn how to practice design thinking for yourself in this two-day immersive workshop where our facilitators will lead you and your team through problem framing, ideation, and decision-making — the core skills needed for any team to adopt a decision thinking mentality and succeed at design-driven development.

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Design sprints are a highly efficient method of introducing new employees to a design-driven process. A design sprint can function as a design thinking bootcamp by introducing teams to the key concepts of empathy, ideation, decision-making, prototyping, and testing.

Design Sprints


Design sprints rapidly accelerate your team’s ability to deliver while creating an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation you have likely not experienced before. Your team will be led through a series of moderated exercises designed to clearly frame the challenge, rapidly generate the best solutions ideas, create a prototype and test with five real users — all in five days.

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